Sales in IT


Develops and expands a portfolio of corporate clients by networking and marketing
Assesses client IT needs and makes recommendations, including IT equipment and service packages
Prepares sales visits and presentations to pitch product, service, and combination packages to clients
Demonstrates IT equipment to highlight product benefits
Negotiates sales, package discounts, and long-term contracts with clients
Provides technical advice after sales
Establishes sales goals and implements a plan to meet those goals
Tracks progress toward goals and documents sales performance
Becomes fluent in all products and services offered by the employer through testing, demonstrations, and research
Answers questions, describes benefits, and discusses pros and cons of various competing products or services
Gains familiarity with the IT industry, and stays updated on trends and innovative products
Creates marketing literature and web-based features to promote products and time-sensitive sales
Attends trade exhibitions and industry events to learn about cutting-edge products and sales
Works for technology manufacturers, software manufacturers, IT consultancies, and technology solutions organisations

IT Sales Skills and Qualifications:

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or Marketing, Experience with Sales and Marketing, Knowledge of Relevant Products and Sales, Written and Verbal Communication, Interpersonal Communication, Negotiation, Critical Thinking, Ability to Meet Goals, Ability to Work Under Pressure, High Energy Level, Motivation, Ambition, Technical Skill, Attention to Detail.


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